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April 14, 2021

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If you’ve ever perused the aisles of a pawn shop you’ve likely come across all manners of musical instruments. Whether it’s a guitar signed by a famous musician, a beginner-level drumkit, or a keyboard that looks like it was barely played before its previous owner gave it up, you’ll find a variety of instruments available at a wide range of prices and qualities. But what if you have your own instrument that you no longer need? Sol’s Jewelry & Loan is your #1 pawn shop serving the Omaha, NE area. We will purchase or pay out a temporary loan for your unwanted musical instruments. Continue reading for some tips on how to get the most possible cash in your pocket during this exchange!


The more information you know about your instrument, the better prepared you will be for price negotiations. If you are an experienced musician, you likely have many of these details at the top of your mind already. If not, however, you will have some homework to do, which may prove challenging depending on how you came to possess the instrument in the first place. Did you inherit it or buy it second-hand? The instrument could have a rich history you are completely unaware of, and might even be considered an antique. Consider inquiring at a professional music store. Any knowledge you can gain will help protect you against selling yourself short.


A musical instrument that cannot be played will not fetch much on the market. If the instrument you hope to pawn has been sitting untouched in a dusty closet for years, it probably requires a bit more TLC than just a quick tune-up. Many music stores offer repair services and will be happy to provide you with a quote for the cost of their efforts upfront. The question then becomes if making the investment in repair work is worth it. You can have the instrument appraised to get a sense of its potential value. If the expense outweighs the payoff, you may be better off simply disposing of the instrument and exploring other ways to earn a quick buck.

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