Musical Instruments for Sale in Omaha, NE

Ever been to a jazz concert to hear the mellow tones of a saxophone? How about a beachside bonfire to enjoy the warm strums of an acoustic guitar? These experiences reinforce our love for music and song, whether or not we’re experts in either.

If you’re a lover of creating music and melodies, but you want to find a good deal on a product, why not choose Sol’s Jewelry & Loan for new and used musical instruments?

Learn About Our Selection

We believe in making your experience with us as smooth and friendly as possible. For this reason, we buy and sell musical instruments ranging from drum sets to flutes. We also offer instrument-related accessories and parts, including guitar amps and tuners. Our sales team can answer any of your questions as they relate to price, quality, and variety.

If you’re worried you won’t find what you’re looking for, you can visit any one of our five store locations around Omaha, NE. We constantly maintain a vast and fresh inventory of instruments, and we always make sure to offer the greatest prices in the area.

And remember, when you want to earn some extra money, we’ll happily buy your instrument from you at a fair and competitive price.

Rely on Our Industry Knowledge

Since 1980, we’ve striven to meet the needs of each and every customer who stops by, whether that means we are buying, selling, or even providing collateral loans. Though we’ve expanded across the Omaha metro area, we haven’t discounted the importance of individual attention and prompt customer service.

When you explore pawn shops, you seek the best value in any product you purchase. Sol’s Jewelry & Loan pledges to give you a fulfilling and rewarding experience. To begin browsing our musical instruments for sell, or to inquire about selling your own, simply call 402.333.SOLS or fill out our online form.