Affordable Used Electronics

for Sale in Omaha, NE

Are you looking for a rare, discontinued video game system to play a game you remember from childhood? Would you like to buy a better TV than the one you have now but at an affordable price? Do you want to make some quick cash by selling a stereo system you don’t use anymore?

With locations throughout the Omaha, NE area, at Sol's Jewelry & Loan, we will give you a good price for your gently used electronics or help you take home like-new electronics to enjoy. Whether you’re searching for nostalgia from your childhood or looking to enhance your home, we have an impressive selection of used electronics to explore!

Visit Our Pawn Shop to Check Out Our Inventory of Used Electronics

Due to the nature of the technology industry, many electronic devices fall out of popularity quickly. This contributes to stores only carrying the latest models. Since we buy electronics from private individuals from across the Omaha, NE area, when you visit one of our pawn shop locations, you may be able to find products that are no longer available at a traditional retail store. 

Whether you are looking to save money on an older version or searching for a specific device and are having trouble locating it, we encourage you to visit us today! Our selection features a variety of name-brand electronics such as:

  • Televisions

  • Blu-ray players

  • Computers

  • Video cameras

  • Stereos

  • CD players

  • Radios

  • Video game players

  • Video games

If you are looking to recapture an old hobby, furnish a first apartment, or find affordably priced technology for home or school use, Sol's Jewelry & Loan has everything you need. We look forward to helping you find the gently used electronics you've been searching for. 

Basket full of electronics