Electronics for Sale in Omaha, NE

Are you looking for a rare, discontinued video game system to play a game you remember from childhood? Would you like to buy a better TV than the one you have now but at an affordable price? Do you want to make some quick cash by selling a stereo system you don’t use anymore?

Come to any location of Sol’s Jewelry and Loan. We’ll give you a good price for your gently used electronics or help you take home like-new electronics to enjoy. Whether you’re searching for nostalgia from your childhood or looking to enhance your home, we have an impressive selection to explore!

We Offer Variety in Our Selection

Because we buy electronics in Omaha, NE from previous owners, you can find items in our stores you’d have a hard time finding anywhere else. Our selection features name-brand electronics such as:

  • Televisions

  • Blu-ray players

  • Computers

  • Video cameras

  • Stereos

  • CD players

  • Radios

  • Video game players

  • Video games

Basket full of electronics