Your Jewelry Store in Omaha, NE

Finding the perfect jewelry is often a matter of exploring a wide range of products, and you won’t find a bigger selection of unique and wondrous items than at our pawn and jewelry store in Omaha, NE. We buy and sell jewelry from around the world, so our distinctive collection is hard to beat.

Browse through our site or come to our store and see what we currently have available. Our jewelry store stocks everything from watches to rings, so there’s something for everyone. We have:

Plus, we stock all of the odds and ends in-between. If you are looking for something to gift or wear, we are the jewelry store for you. Come to Sol’s Jewelry & Loan or visit our eBay store.

Pawn Shop Services

Unlike a regular jewelry store, we can not only sell jewelry but also buy the pieces that you no longer want. Whether you need cash fast or you just don’t wear much jewelry nowadays, we will offer you the best prices for your used jewelry.

But our commitment to value doesn’t end with just our purchases. The prices at our jewelry store are also competitive and fair. To ensure that every customer is fully satisfied with their purchase, we also offer a 30-day guarantee on all items.

Our Community Contributions

For over 30 years, Sol’s Jewelry & Loan has worked hard to provide the entire Omaha, NE, area with all of the jewelry store and pawn shop services you require. We are dedicated to the satisfaction of each transaction, whether you are looking for a small pair of earrings or a full diamond necklace. Every item we stock is inspected for quality and value so you know what you’re buying or selling.

Get in touch today and find the values of a lifetime. Our jewelry store is constantly bringing in new selections of items, so don’t wait to browse our inventory. We have just the right items to make your appearance shine.