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Do you have an antique item or collection that you want to part with? Were you given an antique item or collection as an heirloom, but are not sure what to do with it? A pawn shop is a great option. Pawn shops generally buy and sell a range of antiques and collectibles, offering you cash on the spot. By taking your antiques or collections to a pawn shop, the staff can help you determine the value of the item.

What Do Pawn Shops Take?

Pawn shops buy and sell a variety of antiques and collectibles including jewelry, watches, military relics, vinyl records, coins, furniture, and other rare treasures. Each shop is different in the items they will accept.

  • Jewelry- The antique shop team will help assess the stones in the piece of jewelry to determine the value. Usually, the bigger the stone, the higher the value.
  • Watches- Old watches are a highly desired item across pawn shops.
  • Military Items- Medals as well as other war and military souvenirs are another desired item by pawn shops.
  • Vinyl Records- Vinyl records give buyers a sense of nostalgia.
  • Coins- These are a great collection to take to a pawn shop as you’ll always get at least face value.
  • Furniture- When it comes to furniture, there are some older pieces that are highly desirable.

Is Pawning Worth It?

When you visit a pawn shop with your antique or collection, you can get fast cash. While you could sell your items online through various sources, you may have to wait until bidding closes. Depending on how you sell, you might have trouble getting people to view your items, as searchers would have to be looking for that specific item. At a pawn shop, you’ll get cash on the spot. If you change your mind and don’t want to sell it for good, you could buy it back before someone else does.

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At Sol’s Jewelry & Loan, serving the Omaha, NE area, we buy your antiques and collectibles. When you come to our pawn shop, we will assess your items and come up with a competitive price. Don’t waste your time trying to negotiate a price at an antique shop or with online bidders. We give you fast and easy money and offer competitive prices. If you are looking to sell your antiques, rare stamps, memorabilia, or other collectibles, contact us or stop in today!

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