A Guide to Selling Used Electronics at a Pawn Shop

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February 26, 2021
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In today’s world of ever-changing technology, we buy & upgrade our electronic devices more than clothes. When that happens, there is a tendency for your drawers or homes to get filled with used electronics you do not use anymore. Instead of having them sit around, head to your local pawn shop and sell your used electronics for cash.

Checklist Before You Sell Your Electronics

Contact Shop – You do not want to waste a ride to your local pawn shop if they are currently not buying electronics or the specific model or brand you want to sell.
Clean It – If it has been a while since it was used, chances are you need to give it a thorough dusting or cleaning to make it presentable to the pawn shop.
Factory Reset – For your own safety, there is no need for your information to stay on the used electronics you are attempting to sell. It is a smart idea to factory reset your devices before selling them.
Show It Is Operational – If you want to get top dollar for your used electronics, being able to show they function is an important step. The pawn shop wants to know they work.

What Electronics are Most Valuable?

Video Game Systems

If you have any of the above or any other used electronics at home, you need to act quickly. The amount of money you receive lowers as new models come out and technology advances. Everyone can use some extra cash, and selling unwanted items is a no-brainer.

Contact our Omaha, NE Pawn Shop to Sell Your Used Electronics

If you are interested in selling your used electronics, Sol’s Jewelry & Loan is the trusted choice throughout the Omaha, NE region. With six locations, we have the experience, reliability, and knowledge you don’t see in your typical pawn shop. We work with the residents of Omaha to deliver cash for used electronics, vintage jewelry, diamonds, and more. We will appraise your used electronics and other items on the spot and hand you cash for your goods within minutes. Contact the knowledgeable staff at any of our Omaha, NE locations if you have any questions or are looking to begin the process of selling your used electronics.


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