What Should You Bring to Our Coin Dealer?

While it's true that some coins sell for extremely high prices (the 1913 Liberty Head V Nickel, for example, is valued at over $4 million), such coins tend to be extremely rare. The most valuable coins tend to be purchased as investments and carefully stored in pristine condition. Other valuable coins become valuable due to printing errors. There are a number of coins that you could potentially find in your collection - or even your pocket change - that could bring in more than you expect. Some examples:

  • Sacagawea Dollars from the year 2000 with Transitional Errors: some of the Sacagawea dollars were accidentally struck on the planchet intended for a Susan B. Anthony dollar. Look for a copper-nickel coloring rather than the signature golden color. These coins can be worth upwards of $7,500. 
  • Some of the Sacagawea Dollars found in Cheerios boxes as part of a promotion in 2000 have a different design than others: the eagles on the reverse side of the coins have detailed veins. This design is unique to the coins found in Cheerios boxes, rendering them worth more than $7,500 at auction. 
  • Doubled Die Pennies: After 1995, pennies minted used a single hub technique to strike the penny, eliminating the possibility of striking double die coins. Most of the double die coins produced were destroyed before being released for circulation, so if you have a penny with a doubled die, it can fetch a high price.
  • If you have an Italian 2 Cent piece with Turin’s Mole Antonelliana on the reverse side instead of the Castel del Monte in Puglia, you might have a treasure on your hands.
  • Carefully examine your Wisconsin quarter. Some coins were cast with an extra leaf on the ear of corn; if yours is one of them, it could be worth more than $3,000. 
  • In 2008, some Silver Eagle Dollars were mistakenly struck using a previous design; if your coin is missing a serf on the lower right side of the U on the reverse side, the coin could be worth nearly $3,000. 

If you suspect that you have a valuable coin in your collection, bring it to us!

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